The firm’s multi-disciplinary portfolio has a significant concentration in the following Practice Areas:


Divorce And Matrimonial Matters

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Personal Injury Claims

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Registration of Bills of Sale


Corporate And Commercial Matters

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International Business Negotiations And Agreements

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Conveyancing And Other Related Real Estate Matters

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Joint Venture Partnership Agreements


Industrial Relations Disputes Settlement

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Preparation And Review Of Contracts


Outsourced Legal Service and Legal Process Outsourcing

In recognition of the challenging economic times and the growing demand by corporations to find an efficient yet cost-effective solution to their need for legal services, the Caribbean Legal Suite in collaboration with the Law College of the Americas now provides legal services on an outsourced basis taking into account your budget as follows:


Placement of an Attorney in your office for agreed hours and for an agreed fee whether on an hourly, weekly, monthly or annual basis to carry out general legal services.

While your Full-time in-house Counsel is on leave, we “fill the gap” providing the service on an interim basis as agreed.

Where your Full-time in-house Counsel is burdened with work, we eliminate the need for an extensive legal department as we provide the relevant personnel to carry out the task in a cost effective, efficient manner while providing additional supervision, leaving in-house Counsel the freedom to produce more.

We process legal documents on your behalf from our location and return same to you completed at an agreed cost.

We provide monthly reports to you on all matters completed on your behalf.

The Attorneys who service your needs are given additional training in your specific area of business where applicable (for example, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail) to ensure your needs are fully met.



Our firm believes in providing quality service and quality outputs to our client through a team of quality professionals, and hence ensuring that every case and every transaction receive a consistently high level of professional excellence and service quality and that each encounter with the client is memorable because of the quality of delivery.

We firmly believe that the customer is at the core of our service delivery.  We therefore seek to listen to the objectives of the customer as regards each task and take same into consideration in the provision of the services, and hence our delivery standard of a maximum of three (3) day turnaround time limit for incoming matters provided all relevant documentation has been provided.